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3 Factors to Consider Before Every Chess Move

Chess moves are complex decisions that require detailed analysis of many different aspects of the game. All of this analysis, however, can be viewed through three broad factors that should always be kept in view. Before every move you make in chess, consider your time, position, and material before setting down a piece.

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Chess Drills to Help Improve Your Skills

Chess is a complex game that can be broken down into many different parts, and improving your skill in any one of these parts can have a substantial effect on your overall play and rating. If you’re serious about studying chess, there are several chess drills that can help you improve your skills in one…

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Piece Value, Material Advantage, and End Game Success

Most chess players understand that some pieces are worth more than others. However, advanced players understand the numeric value of all the pieces and how to use this information to their advantage during all stages of the game and in different circumstances. The guide below will help you learn how to properly utilize your pieces…

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