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About me

Hi, I'm Brandon Ashe, otherwise known as amazingoid (chesskid on ICC). USCF 2320 FIDE 2209.

I'm most well-known as a twitch streamer at that tries to provide educational content to all skill levels.

As an experienced online chess teacher, coach and player, I can take your strategy to the next level.

When you enroll in my online chess lessons, you’ll get the one-on-one attention you deserve. My personalized approach to your game playing will help you improve, regardless of your current skill level. At just $30 per hour, online chess lessons provide great value and help you reach your game goals and improve your rating.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of working with an online chess teacher and coach, you can contact me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


Playing experience

I've been playing for over 20 years.
Notable OTB results include:

  • Wins against GMs Kosteniuk, Blehm
  • Draws against GM Dlugy, IM Zatonskih
  • Won the brilliancy prize for best game at the 2014 Bay Area International
  • Ranked 5th in the United States as a 10 year old

Teaching experience

As an online chess teacher I've been teaching students both formally and informally for the past few years, through online chess lessons as well as through my twitch stream.

I have been playing chess since I was a child, and my passion for the game combined with my love for passing on my knowledge is what led me to offer online chess lessons. I have helped children and adults alike drastically improve their ratings, and I would like to have the opportunity to help you improve your game as well.

As an online chess teacher and coach, I am committed to continually improving my teaching skills. I welcome feedback on my techniques. I truly want to use my online chess lessons to help create a new generation of master chess players.


Best skills

As an online chess teacher I think my best asset is that I can explain both simple and difficult concepts in a clear, straightforward manner. Refer to my youtube channel for some examples of lessons I've given in the past on my stream.

My straightforward approach to explaining concepts in my online chess lessons ensures that, no matter my students’ age or experience with chess, they will be able to quickly learn the various strategies and ways of thinking about the game that I have to teach them. I am able to work with young children and adults alike and to cater my teaching style to match their level of understanding.

As an online chess teacher No matter your learning style, I can help you learn what you need to know to improve your chess ratings. If you want to improve your game, sign up for online chess lessons from me today.


Teaching methodology

As an online chess teacher I try to cater my lessons to meet the needs of the student. After an initial diagnostic of looking at your games to pinpoint weak areas, I aim to fix those parts before going into more general topics. As a former student of IM Jeremy Silman, I try to incorporate some of his methodologies into my teaching.

My online chess lessons are one-on-one to better enable me to meet each individual students’ needs. Not every student will learn the same principles of chess in the same way, and I plan my lessons accordingly.

As an online chess teacher and coach, I understand that it is my responsibility to figure out what you already know, how you learn, and what it will take to get you to the level you want to be at. It is then my responsibility to come up with the best strategy to help you reach your chess-playing goals. I take my duty seriously, and when you sign up for online chess lessons from me, you will see the difference this approach to teaching makes in your playing.


Follow Me

Coach Ashe has taken my game from 1100 to 1800. He is fantastic at explaining positional ideas. I always leave lessons feeling more confident for the next tournament. I owe all my tournament success to his patient tutelage. Stage one completed Chesskid, now help me crack 2200!


I have been a part of Amazingoid's twitch student community for 6 years now. He is a high quality teacher, who takes time to step you through the simple ideas in a position so that you can eventually trek through the complicated ideas. He is exceptionally clear and amazing-(oid)-ly fun to learn from. You would love him as a coach!

I've been working with Brandon for a little over 2 years now. I found him via his twitch community and have had nothing but good experiences since then. I encourage prospective students to reach out to me, if you want more details.

When I started working with him, I was rated about 1400, and figured I had maybe an outside chance of making it to 2000ELO strength. Now, though I'm not there yet (1800ish), it feels readily attainable.

Brandon has an amazingly talent for making chess, a game which can feel totally inscrutable over the board, feel totally approachable. He teaches you how to confidently break down a position into its component motifs and plans, and then stitch them back together into a complete understanding.

Logistically, Brandon's been a joy to work with. He's quite flexible on meeting times, professional in his schedule, and is willing to work longer on occasion to finish the lesson.

I look forward to seeing how far he can push my chess in future.


Like many others, I came across Brandon's Twitch stream and during one game he narrated beating me and predicted my thought process pretty well. I was looking for someone to elevate my game from street chess to proper tournament-ready chess so I began taking lessons with him. I think that while I'm not playing proper chess yet, Brandon has helped deepen my understanding of the game at a reasonable rate with an extremely flexible schedule. 

It is difficult to navigate chess but as a teacher Brandon tries to impart wisdom by analyzing positions to understand the imbalances inherent to those positions. Not unlike IM Silman's teachings. 

Brandon is a teacher who knows probably close to every trick in the book but is still someone you can have a normal conversation with. If you play chess casually but are looking to take the next step, I can't imagine there's a better teacher to work with than him.


My daughter Rose has been coached by Brandon for over a year. He's helped her to become the #2 ranked 9-year-old girl at chess in the United States (October 2018). 

Brandon has worked with her on all aspects of her game and Rose enjoys the lessons.


Very friendly, and excellent citizen in lichess.


I just had my first lesson with Brandon and I'm very impressed! We're starting by reviewing my recent OTB games. It was obvious that he spent a lot of time carefully analyzing my games prior to the lesson. As he says, Brandon can explain simple and difficult concepts in a clear, straightforward manner. I plan on becoming a weekly student going forward! I've had several coaches (including a GM and IM) and based on my initial impression, Brandon is the best.